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Troubodour Blond
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Troubadour is a deep blond beer with 6.5 % alc. and a second fermentation on the bottle.
Country: Belgium
Brewery: Brouwerij Troubadour
Alcohol: 6.50  %
Type: Ale, Blond, Artizanal
 World Beer Cup  (2010)
This second fermentation is responsible for the higher alcoholpercentage and the further evolution of the beer in the bottle. When poured out in a suitable glass, Troubadour has a thick white tenacious head. Flavour: The first contact with the tongue results in a lovely sparkling feeling. The flavour is caracterized by a mild bitterness and somewhat spicy, followed by a pleasant sweet after taste and dry finish. Aroma: The aroma is mainly caracterized by the spicy hop flavours, accompanied by a light fruity banana flavour.

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