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Welcome to the Beer Awards page at Beer Planet.

There will be no good beer without healthy beer competition. At Beer Planet we think that having beer competitions help us create greater consumer awareness around the world about the quality and diversity of the beer. For your convenience beers competitions are grouped by years they were held. Simply click on the year and you will see all relevant beer competitions our beers where recognized.

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Beer was never meant to be soulless, tasteless drink pumped with alcohol to be consumed without any appreciation of its flavor.
Quite opposite, we should appreciate the beer industry that is based on the traditions, innovations and charisma that constantly improves the quality and the consumer value. We can only improve the quality of our beers if we have “a second opinion”, if we are able to share, recognize and reward best beers and breweries.
These are the most well known beer competitions, where beers from around the world come to compete:

Click on the above beer competitions to get more information about the history of the beer competition, beer awards and the list of our beers that been recognized.

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