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Beer Recipes » Dessert » Crème brulée scented with Gouden Carolus

    60 cl light cream
    15 cl Gouden Carolus Classic
    egg yoke of 6 eggs
    150 g semolina flour sugar
    4 spoons brown sugar

Bring the crème to the boil and let it cool down –bring the beer on boiling point in another saucepan, so that the carbon dioxide gas has disappeared and let it cool down -whip the egg yoke with the sugar, add the fresh cream and the beer and mix well.

Butter 4 fireproof forms in and fill them with the mass and keep them au bain marie approximately 1 hour in the furnace of 150°C, and afterwards another 15 minutes on 100°C –let them cool down during 2 hours in the refrigerator –powder just before the serving with 1 ell of brown sugar and let it caramelise 5 minutes under the hot spit-roaster of 200°C - if necessary put it back in the refrigerator, in order that the crust is crispy and the crème still running.

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