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Beer Recipes » Dessert » Rise-pudding with caramelised apples and Gouden Carolus

    175 g (dessert)rice
    75 g (yellow) raisins
    2 sweet apples
    4 spoons cream butter
    2 teaspoon vanilla sugar
    1 teaspoon grated orange peel
    4 spoons sugar
    0,5 l milk
    0,5 dl whipped cream
    1 bottle Gouden Carolus Classic of 33 cl

Bubble the raisins during two hours in the beer. Let the rice with the milk, vanilla sugar and grated orange peel become well-done in a high pan with anti-burn layer on a not too high heat source in fifteen up to twenty minutes. Mix it from time to time and mix the bubbled raisins and the remainder of the beer through it after the boiling time and warm it good for another ten minutes. Finally mix two spoons of butter and whipped cream through the warm rice.

Peel the apples in the meantime, remove the cores and cut in slices. Melt two spoons of butter in a frying pan with anti-burn layer and bake the slices round and round, mix it with sugar and let it caramelise.

Distribute the warm rice to over the preheated dessert plates and garnish with the slices of caramelised apples. If necessary the rice can be served cold. Drink a cooled glass Gouden Carolus.


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