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Beer Recipes » Dessert » Crêpes with apricot and caramel of Gouden Carolus Classic

    125 g flour
    1 egg
    25 g melted butter
    3 spoons cream butter
    3 dl milk
    8 dried apricots
    juice of 2 oranges
    125 g brown sugar
    2 dl Gouden Carolus Classic (bottle of 75 cl)

Cut the dried apricots into small bits. Press the oranges and heat the juice as short as possible. Bubble the small bits apricot in the orange juice during 2 hours and then mash it with a blender to pulp. Make pastry of flower, egg, melted butter and milk. Heat the butter in a frying pan with an anti-burn layer, bake beautiful light-brown crêpes and then keep it warm. Slowly melt the sugar in a small saucepan with anti-burn layer and mix it piecemeal with the beer until a steady, lightly bounded sauce arises. Cover the crêpes lightly with apricot sauce, roll up and cut in oblique slices. Or fold the crêpes in the form of envelops and fill them with apricot sauce. Distribute over preheated dinner plates and spoon the caramel sauce around it. Serve with a cooled glass or a tasting glass of Gouden Carolus Classic.


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