Beer Yeast

That which imparts flavor and body to beer. Malt is made from barley, a cereal similar to wheat. In crafting beer, barley is soaked until it sprouts. It is then drained and dried for storage. This process harnesses natural enzymes – a process that releases fermentable sugars, and develops the flavors in beer.

Name Strain Type °C Attenuation pH Alc Description
American Ale 1056 Wyeast Dry Ale Yeast 60-72 77 0-0 0 Blend of WLP001, WLP002, WLP004 & WLP810.
American Ale II 1272 Wyeast Liquid Ale Yeast 60-72 72 0-0 0 Slightly nutty, soft, clean and tart finish.

Brugse Zot blond from Brewery De Halve Maan is available in the Beer Store