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Belgian artisan brewery.
It all started 20 years ago when Jef the brewer poured his very first self made brew down the drain of the biochemicals lab.
Beers:  Bosprotter
Flower Sour
Mouten Kop
Ne Snoeper Tripel
Of Love Regret
Address:  Europe» Belgium» Beerzel
2580 Hoogstraat 149
Province:  Antwerp
Phone:  +32 15 75 77 07
Web Site:
For a while he retired from brewing. But after 15 years, in 2001 to be precise, his passion for brewing was rekindled. His job got him back in touch with his brewing buddies and he enrolled in the Brewing School (Ceria/Coovi) hoping to finally get over his youth trauma.

One thing led to another. His next brew, a delicious triple, was a bull's eye. From then on he spent numerous hours above the brew kettle.

He joined the Brewers and Wine Guild of Mol. For about two years he experimented with all sorts of different recipes.

Unfortunately Mol and Beerzel (his home town) are not exactly near. Going back and forth every time - especially when having to leave at 5 am – was not what you would call fun.

And so the idea of a brewery near home started to grow. Unfortunately this required space.

In the end he found a perfect spot close by. ‘t Hofbrouwerijke was born. It all turned out slightly larger scale and more professional than what he had first encompassed. Nevertheless he still considers brewing a hobby, a hobby that got a bit out of hand.

He still brews following the traditional methods. However to avoid unpleasant surprises the fermentation and maturation have become automated.

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