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The name of the brewery derives from a female spirit of local folk tales, who can be seen depicted on the brewery"s logo and labels. The use of the term "Picobrouwerij" is a play on the scientific terminology for very small objects. It is based on the fact that the brewery"s production is smaller by several orders of magnitude than that of a typical Micro- brewery. The prefix Pico is playfully combined with "brouwerij", the Dutch and Flemish term for brewery.

The brewery creates a wide range of beers, including versions of traditional Belgian styles such as Strong Golden Ales, Abbey-style beers and Saison, as well as original creations that cross stylistic boundaries and beers inspired by styles from outside their home country like Imperial Stout. Although quite small and a newcomer to the Belgian brewing world, being founded in 2002, Alvinne has gained international attention and respect, no small feat in this brewery-intensive nation.

At the beginning of Alvinne"s existence in 2002, they brewed their beers at the De Graal brewery premises in Brakel, East Flanders, later moving to their own premises in the town of Ingelmunster proper in 2003. In 2006 they relocated again to their current facility in Heule.

In addition to marketing their products under their own names, the brewery also follows the Belgian practice of offering "label beers" (Etiketbieren) for pubs, restaurants and other establishments. In this practice batches of the beer are produced and given a special label with the name and design of the client. These are typically the same beer recipes as the regular line, merely issued under a different title. Brewer Glenn Castelein also teaches a noted annual brewing course.


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