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Brouwerij Alken-Maes

Alken-Maes is very popular in the British Isles, not only with the British consumer but also with Scottish & Newcastle, the largest British brewer, which eventually even leads to an amalgamation of the two breweries in March 2000.
Beers:  Alken Maes Faro
Ciney Blonde
Ciney Brune
Fosters Ow
Grimbergen Blonde
Grimbergen Cuvee
Grimbergen Doree
Grimbergen Double
Grimbergen Optimo
Grimbergen Speciale Blonde
Grimbergen Speciale Double
Grimbergen Triple
Grimbergen Winter
Kronenbourg 1664
Kronenbourg R&w
Louwaege Pils
Maes Nature
Maes Zero
Mort Subite Gueuze Lambic
Mort Subite Kriek Lambic
Mort Subite Natural Oude Gueuze
Mort Subite Oude Kriek 2006
Mort Subite Tr Gueuze
Mort Subite Tr Kriek
Mort Subite Witte Lambic
Mort Subite Xtreme Framboise
Mort Subite Xtreme Kriek
Speciale Blonde
Tourtel Blonde
Ciney 25cl Ciney 25cl
Grimbergen 33cl Grimbergen 33cl
Hapkin 33cl Hapkin 33cl
Mort Subite 33cl Mort Subite 33cl
Address:  Europe» Belgium» ALKEN
3570 Stationsstraat 2
Province:  Limburg
Founded in:  1928
In business:  80
Phone:  015 30.90.11
Fax:  +32 11 59 03 01
Web Site:,,
Brewing Industry International Awards  (2013)
Brewing Industry International Awards  (2013)
Alken-Maes was created out of the 1988 merger of two small breweries, Maes, located in Waarloos and Alken. Both had specialized in pils (Maes was producing Maes pils and Alken Cristal pils) until Maes purchased the Union brewery (based in Jumet) in 1978, which produced Grimbergen beer among others.

After the merger, the group continued to purchase other breweries to expand their offer to a larger panel of beers. In 1989, the new brewery purchased a 50% stake in De Keersmaeker brewery, which specialized in spontaneous fermentation beers such as Mort Subite. In 2000, it bought Ciney and Brugs Witbier as well as the other 50% of De Keersmaeker.

In the same year, the brewery was bought by British company Scottish & Newcastle, which in turn was bought by the Carlsberg/Heineken consortium in 2007. In 2002, it took over the Louwaege brewery from Kortemark (producing Louwaeges Kriek and high fermentation Hapkin). Alken-Maes has now become the number two on the Belgian market. Its headquarters are in Waarloos.


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