List of products by brand Abbaye Des Rocs

The Abbaye des Rocs Brewery has its roots in a little picturesque village, a true green spot in an area since populated with flourishing industries.
Brewing activities started in 1979.
Production capacity was then 50 litres every two weeks.
In 1987 the producers made a new building that could house 1500 l vats. Co-operative society formed.
In 1991 registration of brands and construction of a building for fermentation and storage of finished products.
1993 transformation from co-operative society to limited company. Purchase of new equipment for bottling (cleaning, bottling, stoppering, bottle casing and labelling).
In 1994 and 1995 production was 600 hl.
In 1996 production is close to 1,000 hl, construction of new warehouse and installation of new brewing room able to produce 50 hl per vat.

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