List of products by brand De Cam

Cam is located in the buildings of the town Gooik.
Then in 1993 Beggars plugs "Three Fountains " (Beersel), " Hanssens (Dworp) and " Moriau (Sint-Pieters -Leeuw) annual " Objective Beer Tasters trophy in their categories, their profession as a vanishing craft considered. And indeed, shortly afterwards stopped Moriau as a badge connector so that the whole world only two remained.

When Charles Goddeau "Cam" founder, has brought this number to three. On Saturday, June 7, 1997 The Cam was officially opened by the first barrel with the crowd and with about 100 invited guests to "The Lambic Cam" to taste .

Cam is located in buildings of the town Gooik, already in 1515 as "Lord Landcamme" is mentioned in the annals ("cam"is an old Dutch word for brewery). The city council made it a meeting place of people with a café, a tool museum, a cart and a collection of folk music guild.

In the town Gooik you will find a popular bistro, a tool museum, a cart and a collection of folk music guild. There are 45 wooden barrels with a capacity of 1000 liters. They are from the Czech brewery Plzensky Pradroj (Pilsner Urquell). The local coopers restored the barrels before they were shipped to Belgium and painted the kophout green, the color of "Plzensky" and so now the Cam.


Incredible play by De Cam: woodiness of the barrels, nice tart raspberry, straw, acidic cherry, dried flower and booze accent the wooden base. Dry, crisp finish, with decent carbonation and fizzy nature in foretaste. Classic composition

Price $345.63 - 20 x 1 bottle(375 mL)