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United Kingdom West Midlands, WV1 4JT

The superb technical installation, including draught beers under gas, ensures integrity of product and dispense to the Judges at the brewers' recommended temperature.

The origins of this great beer competition go back to the nineteenth century. There were only two classes in the first competition of the year 1886. Nowadays, there were 9 broad categories and 32 classes, linked to the consumer experience, there is a place for every beer with every beer having a chance of winning - even those new or innovative variations on styles. All Judges are currently practising brewers.

The Competitions are focussed upon searching out excellence and rewarding it across all styles of commercially brewed beer. The winning beers are awarded medals and trophies from the world's most professional tasting panel, comprised exclusively of experienced brewers.

In 2005 the competition been moved to Munich. This was the last competition held.
With the change in the brewing industry, the consumer and value chain it was decided to take a break to ensure that the next competitions truly reflected the changing consumer landscape as well as developments within the brewing industry.

We'll wait for the next competition!
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