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Augustijn Grand Cru
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In addition to the traditional Augustijn, there is also a Grand Cru version of the beer.
Country: Belgium
Brewery: Van Steenberge Bios
Alcohol: 9.00  %
Plato: 18.50  °P
Type: Ale, Grandcru, Abbey
Accessory:  Augustijn 33cl
It is somewhat less well-known, but according to beer enthusiasts without a doubt the best and finest beer made by brewery Van Steenberge. It is slightly stronger in alcohol content (9 %) and a little more pale and dry. Augustijn Grand Cru is also a beer that undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle or in the keg.
9 % alcohol by volume, 18.5 Plato amber colored beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle with shelf life at least 2 years after bottling date.

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