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330 mL
Val-Dieu Cuvee 800
Val-Dieu Cuvee 800
Price: 330 mL - (case of 24 bottles): $104.11
Val-Dieu Cuvee 800 created to celebrate of 800th anniversary of the Abbey - the only Belgian Abbey brewery operating in heart of a monastery like the most famous Trappist beer . The Cuvée is a unique cheerful hoppy top-fermented light blonde refreshing IPA with refermentation in the bottle.
Country: Belgium
Brewery: Brasserie de lAbbaye du Val-Dieu
Alcohol: 5.50  %
Plato: 14.00  °P
Served: 12  °C
Type: Ale, India Pale Ale or IPA, Blond, Abbey
Accessory:  Val-Dieu 33cl glass
True treasure of time. Savor the authenticity of the only Belgian Abbey beer brewed in the very heart of the monastery's historic buildings. The Val-Dieu Cuvee 800 was launched in celebration of 800th anniversary of the Val-Dieu Abbey. The Cuvée is a unique light blonde refreshing IPA. Val-Dieu Cuvée 800 is a top-fermented beer that re-ferments in the bottle. Due to the dry hopping process, you can also enjoy its hoppy citrus aromas. Unleash the art of beer craftmanship and enjoy this cheerful Belgian-Brewed beer!

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