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330 mL
Bon Secours Brune
Bon Secours Brune
Price: 330 mL - TBD
Superior Belgian beer! Bon Secours Brune was once crowned the Best Dark Beer in the World.
Country: Belgium
Brewery: Brasserie Caulier
Alcohol: 8.00  %
Plato: 0.00  °P
Served: 8-10  °C
Type: Ale, Bruin, Artizanal
Accessory:  Bon Secours 33cl
IBU: 19
Dark brown Belgian style ale. It has an attractive, dark-red colour covered by a collar of dark froth. Typical to this beer are the subtle aromas of mocha and citrus. You can taste its fruity character from the onset, with the warm touches of roast malt announcing themselves soon afterwards. Strong nose, full of malt, flowery hops, slight flavor of caramel. Delicious, smooth with a touch of raisin. Wonderful aftertaste full of malts.

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