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Boon Oude Kriek
Price: Not sold by PolyBEER
Country: Belgium
Brewery: Boon NV
Alcohol: 6.50  %
Served: 8-10  °C
Type: Lambic, Oud Kriek, Kriek, Artizanal
Accessory:  Kriek Boon 33cl
 World Beer Cup  (2014)
Cork gives a sustained pop, and the carpet of pastel pink foam sizzles with a lively crackle. Lace here and there. Deep, rich crimson tone on the edges of the glass, in the center it"s nearly opaque darkness. Tiny streams of carbonation. Head sustains itself well and never breaks.

Traditional Lambic funk through and through. Perfect aromas of ripe fruit, hay, and barn stables.

Cherry tartness, pits, stems, whole fruit fermenting into a spritzy tart nectar. Well carbonated and lively. Oak notes are mild but come through in the aftertaste, after the sour lambic has barreled through. Perfect balance. Intense ripe cherry flavors that come through in a big way.

This should be a staple in the fridge of every lambic-lover.

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