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Tripel Gouden Carolus
Rating: 3
This beer brewed by the century oldest tradition and combined the best products of our ground: rich barley and fine hops.
Country: Belgium
Brewery: Brouwerij Het Anker
Alcohol: 9.00  %
Plato: 20.00  °P
Served: 7-8  °C
Type: Ale, Triple
 World Beer Cup  (2006)
Full of gracefull tenderness, with a pure and excellent taste, is this beer exclusive brewed with bleach malt. The best malt gives to this beer together with the herbs (who are added during the cooking-process) a very special caracter aswell the full taste who works still thirst quenching thanks to the balanced hopped.

To taste taste ideal you serve it slowly in one time at a temperature of 7-8 C. With pride served and with honour drunk.

This pleasant goldblond beer can be choosed by someone who loves a more heavy, a little spicy and refreshend beer.

In 2002 this beer won the Gold Award in the World Beer Cup, San Diego, USA in the Triple category.

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