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330 mL
Straffe Hendrik Tripel
Straffe Hendrik Tripel
Price: 330 mL - (case of 24 bottles): $108.30
Straffe Hendrik Tripel is a golden triple with a sturdy white collar. The armona is spicy with hints of black pepper, coriander and ginger, and is even insinuating the presence of oranges.
Country: Belgium
Brewery: Brouwerij de Halve Maan
Alcohol: 9.00  %
Plato: 19.50  °P
Served: 8  °C
Type: Ale, Triple, Artizanal
Accessory:  Straffe Hendrik 33cl glass
IBU: 35
Straffe Hendrik Tripel is brewed with a selection of Saaz and Styrian hops of a very high quality. The subtle blend of six special varieties of malt gives the beer a well-balanced and powerful taste.

The palate initiates a hint of caramel, soon flowing into a certain bitterness. In the finish one can discover citrus fruits and even subtle flavours of banana.

The triple has an alcohol percentage of 9° and the refermentatation in the bottle generates a long natural shelf life.

The combination with zesty fish plates is a real treat, but Straffe Hendrik can also be paired with cheeses such as camembert or Brugse Blomme. Straffe Hendrik is know to be a real delicay when combined with desserts based on pineapple or mango as well.

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