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Chimay Gold
Price: Not sold by PolyBEER
Chimay Gold. The monks brew this beer for themselves. Very rarely Chimay Gold makes its way outside the monastery.
This is 2005 brew.
Country: Belgium
Brewery: Chimay
Alcohol: 4.80  %
Served: 3-8  °C
Type: Ale, Blond, Trappist, Limited
Accessory:  Chimay 33cl
As all other impossible to get Trappist beers, Chimay Gold Trappist beer is not a commercial item at Beer Planet. As a courtesy and appreciation, subject to availability, we only offer it free of charge to the customers who:

- order minimum 25 bottles of other beers online at www.beerplanet.eu
- buy other beers in the store with value of more than 100 Euro (not valid for online orders)

Remark: In BEEReSHOP Trappist Chimay Gold beer show 0 (zero) availability, preventing you form buying it. Once again, you do not buy Chimay Gold - Chimay Gold will be delivered to you for FREE!
There will be only one bottle per order, which will be included automatically for all eligible orders. Please make sure in your shopping cart you have not selected any beers with available quantity equal to 0, otherwise the system will not let you checkout.

This is limited time and limited quantity offer, made possible by generous donation of our friend!
Thanks, JM!

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