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Hanssens Oud Geuze
375 ml
Hanssens Oud Geuze
750 ml
Hanssens Oud Geuze
The cork comes out with a faint pop, and the beer pours clear dark yellow / light orange with a very thin layer of bubbles. The aroma is all lambic / gueuze tartness, barnyard aromatics and what seems to me to be a hint of electrical fire. Awesome taste, the beer is lightly carbonated.
A- Pours with a nice thick, rocky white head with some nice lacing... atop a cloudy bright yellow body, with some nice little bubble trains working their way up the sides of the glass.

S- A very funky nose- some must, lactic and acetic notes; earth, fermented lemon rinds, and just a little bit of wheat aroma to remind you that it"s a beer. One of the most pungent and acrid aromas I"ve had in a Gueuze.

T- On the palate it is intense with acidity. The anticipated funk of lactic/acetic acid, must and bacterial esters all come through. Impressions of fermented lemon rind. A little oakiness in there as well. Finishes very dry.

M- Light to medium body. Well-carbonated. The carbonation is a bit on the coarse side, but not bloating.

•Alcohol: 6.00%
•Served: 9°C
•Type: Lambic, Oud Gueuze, Artizanal

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